Cats…anyone want one?

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So we have a literal buttload of cats.  Four of them to be exact.   That’s my definition of a buttload, your definition might vary.

They’re getting old.  Our oldest is 18 and our youngest is 14.  They should all die soon.  Like tomorrow? The next day?  That would be fine with me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate our cats.  I hate that they’re getting old, sick all over the house all the time, keep us up at night wanting to eat about 9 times a day, wrestling in the hallway, scratching very loudly on a bookcase in our bedroom and did I mention the puking? There’s lots and lots of  puking going on.  From just about every one of them.

And  no, we’re not going to put any of them down.  Until the time comes, I mean.  I think to do so now just because they’re irritating would be cruel and mean.  I may be an ass  but I’m not that mean.

EDIT: Since this post we’ve lost the two older cats to old age.  They were good kitties and we miss them.